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Empowering mothers through mobile technology.

The Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action (MAMA) is a global movement that seeks to use mobile
technologies to improve the health and lives of mothers in developing nations. With the support of
founders Johnson & Johnson and USAID, MAMA is currently developing projects in South Africa,
India and Bangladesh. This site is dedicated to MAMA’s activities in South Africa.
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The South Africa Story

Maternal health in South Africa is in dire straits. In 2012 it was estimated that for every 100,000 live births in South Africa, 310 mothers died. By 2014, this figure had dropped to 269 per 100,0001. However, it still seems unlikely that South Africa will meet the 2015 millenium development goal of no more than 38 women per 100,000 dying in childbirth.

South Africa is the only country not at war in which maternal mortality rates have not decreased over the past 10 years. Something must be done. Fortunately, the technology we need is readily available. There are more sim cards than human beings in South Africa ­ and the widespread use and availability of mobile phones provides MAMA with a powerful channel to support and educate mothers, providing them with life­saving information through an incredibly intimate medium.

Making access a priority

5 Mobile Channels

MAMA SA comprises of 5 mobile channels, through which we aim to support, inform and empower moms, and women of child-bearing age in South Africa.

Through these channels, we aim to reach women in a broad range of income groups and in a range of mobile phone technologies that the mom is already using and already feeling comfortable with.

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News & Recognitions

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MAMA Named 'Innovation by Design' Finalist

MAMA is proud to have been nominated by Fast Company for the 'Service Design Award'

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